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About Real Vibe Photography


A long time enthusiast born into a photography oriented family and handed a camera at a young age, it was time to take my talents to the next step.

Almost any subject interests me, so long as I’m behind the lens ….. so if you’re getting married, have a family portrait, reunion, house, car, sports or other event, please contact me for details.

I like to spend a bit of time getting to know what you want ……. so forgive me if I ask a bunch of questions. That will make us all clear on what it is you want out of the shoot !!

Rocking up on the day and not knowing ‘who is who’ or how you want to be portrayed can lead to some probing questions or comments later. So let’s discuss who your contact person / organiser is on the day, so you can relax. Pre- shoots of weddings are highly recommended as they help with knowing how you act in front of a camera and not so obvious details like couples skin tones ……..

I love details and creativity….. and in a few years time when you look back at your album and can proudly show your images or those shots of hair pieces, bouquets, table settings and candid shots of children as well, I will know that I have done my job. I don’t limit the amount of images or my time, i’d rather be there for all the good stuff.

Let’s chat over a coffee …….


Rob Dekker