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Bremer Bay – Orca’s & Unexpected Charm.

By Rob Dekker • March 19th, 2016
Bremer Bay – Orca’s & Unexpected Charm.

Proving the old saying that ‘radio advertising works’, we both drove to work on consecutive days and heard the news that Orca tours were being conducted at Bremer Bay ……..Bremer where ?? A quick phone call and a google search tells us that its going to be a 6 plus hour road trip to themore…


By Rob Dekker • December 13th, 2015

By Rob Dekker. Here’s the scene: You like taking pics and thought that maybe one day you’d get “a decent camera”. You walk into the local chain store and the sales person see’s you coming ….. you get blinded by science, mega wogs, giga bytes, 70 million times zoom and uber pixels, usually with threemore…

10 FREE tips from a Wedding Photographer ……

By Rob Dekker • September 27th, 2015

………………. Here’s Some advice from my perspective that could make your results a whole lot better, with great long lasting memories whilst helping make the photographers job easier too !!! ________________________________________________________________________________     1. Find a photographer that your confident can do the job properly, with some good proven results and has the right gear for the job. Dad’s mate …..with a ‘good’ cameramore…

James and Jessa Married – 15th March 2015.

By Rob Dekker • March 22nd, 2015
James and Jessa Married – 15th March 2015.

  With the threat of remnants of tropical cyclone Olwyn moving down the coast towards the Perth area, I put on my weather watching hat to try and figure out if we’d get blown off the beach for this wedding.  Thankfully it moved in after the pre-wedding shoot and left before we got to themore…